It’s been a rough week. Loki’s been having some issues with his back feet (licking non-stop, pretty much) for a few months. Then, it got way, way worse and they were raw. I put on the “cone of shame” in an effort to stop the licking. Which he did… and then his chin got raw and infected. Then, when I checked his ears yesterday, they were absolutely horrid. Yay, seasonal allergies.

So we went to the vet today, he got drugged, and he’s on steroids and antibiotics for the next two weeks. He won’t be able to go to agility class this week, but I’m going to go without him and just observe. I don’t think missing one class will set us back too much, especially considering that he picks up on things so quickly.

On a good note, I signed up for the next level of agility classes, and that starts in late October. Next week I’ll be back assisting the puppy/CGC/puppy confidence classes, huzzah!

Gambit’s doing fine, but I haven’t been training anything with her lately. She’s just such a great house dog.

Bonus Gambit tongue video.




Ash. (On Kodak 200) (x)

Best dog.

BEAUTIFUL DOG. That prong collar is on WAY to loose. Just so whoever owns that dog knows, it should be tight enough to where it is secure on the neck and won’t slide around too much.

Or try a front-clip harness! My dogs never go on a leash without their front-clips. :)

Loki’s class yesterday went well! I need to work on keeping my arm out instead of tucking it in like a doofus. Loki did a bigger tippy board like it was nbd. He needs to work on not knocking over jumps.

Today, we introduced the chute. Loki took to it like a champ. Not even scared a little. We’ve also been working on lead changes the past couple of weeks. He’s actually much better than I am in that regard. I have a lot of work to do! The instructor said I would get to start doing distance work next week, which I’m really looking forward to. It’s going to help us so much once we get out on a real course (as opposed to the tiny room where we’re running right now).

We did a small course during class today, which consisted of the following obstacles. There was one lead change (optional, at the very end, which I screwed up the first time, hah).

Pre-agility with Loki

Loki did absolutely amazing, just like I thought he would. He actually exceeded my high expectations. This is what we worked on in class today:

  • Figure 8 through the legs
  • Bow
  • 360° left
  • Back up
  • Following my hand

At the end of class, we did a five-obstacle course:

  • Jump chute (3 jumps)
  • Tunnel
  • Table (+ switch sides)
  • Tunnel
  • Jump chute (same 3 jumps)

Loki did the course like a champ!