I made weave poles!

Loki pretty much immediately took to them. We did three 15-minute sessions, and he was going pretty fast with them pretty close together by the end of the first night. Totally natural for him, haha.

Gambit was terrified of them, but I managed to get her to go through with a leash and boiled chicken without her tail between her legs, so that’s an accomplishment! I think agility is going to help her confidence a whole heck of a lot. It’s more clear to me now how terrified of everything she is. :(

We went hiking! I made Loki wear a backpack with a can of beans in each side. After that, we went to the flea market where he was an excellent gentleman.



Danky never did get his spotlight in the Kong family. LOL


Sanic the Hoodgebob?

I can’t wait until Loki is doing this. I’m thinking less than a year.